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.357 speedloader
.357 speedloader
A .357 speedloader found in DayZ.
Magazine capacity: 6
Required slot(s): 1
Weapon(s): Magnum .357
Rarity: Uncommon
Location(s): • Military
• Residential

A .357 speedloader is a speedloader for the Magnum .357 handgun found in DayZ.


The .357 speedloader can hold six .357 rounds for quick loading into a Magnum .357 handgun. It occupies one inventory slot and can be uncommonly found in general military and some residential loot spawns.[1]

Game history

The 0.30.113925 update was intended to add the .357 speedloader into the game.[2]

The 0.31.114557 update fixed the .357 speedloader spawning.[3] [4]

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