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10Rnd .22 mag
10Rnd .22 mag
Category MagazinesRifle magazines
Required slots Unknown
Capacity 10 .22 rounds
Weapon(s) Sporter 22
Ammunition .22 rounds
Location(s) Residential
Rarity Unknown
Variant(s) 30Rnd .22 mag
Class name(s) Unknown
Absorbency Unknown
Conventional magazine with capacity of 10 .22 rounds
— In-game description

The 10Rnd .22 mag is a type of rifle magazine.


The 10Rnd .22 mag has a capacity of ten .22 rounds for use in the Sporter 22 rifle.

It may be found at residential type loot spawns.

Game history

The 10Rnd .22 mag was first introduced in the February-March experimental 0.42.116002 update[1] and was fully implemented in the 19 March stable 0.42.116181 update along with its respective ammunition and weapon.[2]

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