10 Round Clip
10 round clip
The 10 Round Clip found in DayZ.
Category MagazinesRifle magazines
Required slots 1 (1 x 1)[1]
Capacity 10[1]
Weapon(s) SKS[1]
Ammunition 7.62x39mm Rounds
Location(s) Residential
Rarity Rare
Class name(s) clip_762x39_10rnd
Absorbency 10%
A clip for 10 rounds 7.62x39mm.
— In-game description.

The 10 Round Clip is a stripper clip for the SKS rifle.


The 10 Round Clip occupies one slot and contains ten 7.62×39 mm cartridges for use in the SKS rifle. The clip behaves like any other magazine despite being simply a loading aid in reality.[1]

The 10 Round Clip can be found at military loot spawns.

Game history

The 10 Round Clip (referred to as "speedloader") was introduced in the 0.33.114926 update along with the SKS rifle, ammunition piles, boxes and the SKS bayonet.[2]

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