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12ga pellets snap loader
12ga pellets snap loader
A 12ga pellets snap loader found in DayZ.
Magazine capacity: 2 × 12 gauge buckshot
Required slot(s): 1 (1 × 1)[1]
Weapon(s): Izh43 shotgun
Sawed-off Izh43 shotgun[1]
Rarity: Unknown
Location(s): MilitaryResidential
Deer standsSupermarkets[2]
A snaploader for 12ga shells loaded with pellets
— In-game description[1]

The 12ga pellets snap loader is device for quickly loading ammunition into shotguns.


The 12ga pellets snap loader functions like a magazine for the izh43 shotgun and sawed-off Izh43 shotgun. It occupies a single inventory slot and can hold two shotgun cartridges.[1]

The snap loader can be found in military and residential loot spawns as well as deer stands and supermarkets.[2]

Game history

The 5 February 0.33.114926 update fixed an error in the config of the snap loader that caused low velocity and damage.[3]

The snap loader was added in the 22 January 0.32.114557 update.[4]


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