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Not to be confused with 7.62×39mm 20 rounds
For the cartridges, see: 7.62×51mm rounds
7.62×51mm 20 rounds
7.62x51mm 20 Rounds
A box of twenty 7.62×51mm
rounds found in DayZ.
Rounds: 20 × 7.62×51mm
Converts to: Nothing
Required slots: 1
Used in: Mosin 9130
Blaze 95 double rifle
Rarity: Uncommon
Location(s): • Military • Deer stands
A cardbox box [sic] with 'Contains 20 7.62x51 rifle cartridges written on it. Presumably contains 20 rounds in a disposable cardboard wrapper.
— In-game description[1]

7.62×51mm 20 rounds are a packet of rifle ammunition containing twenty rounds of 7.62×51mm cartridges for use in the Blaze 95 double rifle found in DayZ.


The 7.62×51mm 20 rounds occupy a single inventory slot.[1] The rounds must first be emptied out of their box before they can be loaded into a magazine or weapon.

They can be found in military type loot spawns, deer stands and supermarkets.[2]

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