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Alkaline battery 9V
Alkaline Battery 9V
An alkaline battery 9V found in DayZ.
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • To power electrical devices
Location(s): • Everywhere
Rarity: • Uncommon
BebilCell alkaline 9V battery. Both electric contracts on one side of the battery, the positive one being the smaller one. Licking both contracts can tell you if it still carries a charge and possibly gives you a slight energy boost.
— In-game description

An alkaline battery 9V is a device used to power electrical devices in DayZ.

An alkaline battery 9V occupies a single inventory slot when not in use and none when attached to a device. It can be uncommonly found everywhere.

The battery can be attached to powered devices by clicking and dragging it over the device. It can also be licked to determine if a charge is still present. Using the battery in powered devices will slowly drain the battery's power.

Devices requiring battery

List of devices that require a battery to function:

Image gallery

Alkaline Battery 9V An alkaline battery 9v in pristine condition.

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