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Ammunition Box
300 Round Box
An Ammunition Box found in DayZ.
Category EquipmentContainers
Required slots 8 slots (4x2)
Item capacity 8 slots (4x2)
Absorbency 0%
Weight Around 2 kg
Location(s) Military
Rarity Rare
Class name(s) container_ammobox300rnd
A large metal storage box presumably for holding ammunition.
— In-game description

The Ammunition Box is a storage item ment for ammunition in DayZ.

The Ammunitoin Box occupies eight slots, four across and two down, and can hold eight slots of ammunition or other items. Please note that it will be empty when found, do not think that this will be full when found, this is a common mistake for new players.

Original name of the item was 300 Round Box and it was changed to Ammunition Box in v0.59.130861.

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300 Round Box An Ammunition Box in pristine and worn condition.