Amphibia S
Amphibia S
The Amphibia S found in DayZ.
Category WeaponsHandguns
Required slots 4 (2 × 2)
Cartridge .22 rounds
Packet .22 50 rounds
Magazine(s) 10Rnd .22 mag
Bleed chance 200%
Blood damage -200
Effective range Short
Fire mode(s) Semi-automatic
Health damage -100
Shock (Head) 20,000
Shock 200
Suppressors Improvised Suppressor
Location(s) Helicopter Crash Sites
Rarity Very Rare
Absorbency 10%
A rimfire single-action semi-automatic pistol chambered in .22 Long Rifle and manufactured by Sturm. Ruger rimfire pistols are some of the most popular handguns made, The AWC TM-Amphibian S is an integrally-suppressed variant of the Ruger Mk II Target .22 LR pistol.
— In-game description

The Amphibia S is a handgun found in DayZ.

Game history

The Amphibia S was first introduced in the experimental 0.42.116002 update[1] and was later fully implemented in the 19 March stable 0.42.116181 update.[2]

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  • Weapon statistics obtained from DayZDB.


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