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This page will list all of the equipment available in DayZ.

Equipment are items that can be worn or used. Typically, equipment items have unlimited uses or do not disappear after use.

Attachments Edit

Attachments are equipment items that can be attached to a weapon to shish in the commerciàla

improve one or more of its traits, usually at the expense of another, assist the operator's aiming, or to add an additional weapon grenade launcher.

Bayonets Edit

Image Name Description
M91 bayonet s
M91 bayonet A multi-purpose knife and bayonet used by the military that can be attached to military rifles with a bayonet lug. Features a 7-inch (18 cm) blade.
M9A1 bayonet s
M9A1 bayonet A multi-purpose knife and bayonet used by the military that can be attached to military rifles with a bayonet lug. Features a 7-inch (18 cm) blade.
SKS bayonet s
SKS bayonet A bayonet specifically made for SKS carbine

Bipods Edit

Image Name Description
Atlas bipod
ATLAS bipod This bipod provides solid support for longer range engagements. When bipod is deployed and the firer is prone, weapon accuracy is increased dramatically.

Buttstocks Edit

Image Name Description
AK Folding Buttstock s
AK Folding Buttstock Folding buttstock for AK based rifles.
AK Polymer Buttstock s
AK Polymer Buttstock Plastic buttstock for AK based rifles in default black color..
No pic
AK Wooden Buttstock A standard wooden buttstock that comes as a default with AK based rifles.
No pic
AK-74 Wooden Buttstock A wooden buttstock that comes as a default with AK-74 assault rifle.
No pic
AKS-74U Buttstock A metal folding buttstock that comes as a default with AKS-74U assault rifle.
M4 buttstock
M4 buttstock CQB A lighter M4 buttstock for more efficient CQB. Has slightly increased dispersion, but makes the weapon easier to handle.
M4 buttstock 2
M4 buttstock MP A MAGPUL buttstock for the M4A1 carbine.
M4 buttstock 3
M4 buttstock OE A standard buttstock that comes as a default with the M4A1 carabine. Made of metal with a rubber shoulder guard.
No pic
MP5 OEM Buttstock A standard plastic buttstock that comes as a default with MP5 submachinegun.

Handguards Edit

Image Name Description
No pic
AK Handguard Rail Aftermarket handguard with rails, fits AK based rifles.
No pic
AK Handguard Plastic A modern plastic handguard for AK based rifles.
No pic
AK Wooden Handguard A basic wooden handguard for AK based rifles.
No pic
AK-74 Wooden Handguard A basic wooden handguard for AK based rifles.
M4 handguard
M4 handguard MP A MAGPUL handguard.
M4 handguard 2
M4 handguard RIS A M4A1 handguard that provides a base for the rail based attachment system.
M4 handguard pl
M4 handguard plastic A basic M4 plastic handguard.
No pic
MP5 Plastic Handguard A plastic handguard with foregrip. Fits MP5 submachineguns.
No pic
MP5 Rail Handguard A rail handguard with foregrip. Fits MP5 submachineguns.

Illumination Edit

Image Name Description
Pistol flashlight s
Pistol flashlight A universal flashlight attachable to any pistol with an underside tactical rail mount.
Weapon flashlight s
Weapon flashlight A universal flashlight attachable to most weapons to provide tactical advantage.

Optics and sights Edit

Image Name Description
Acog optics s
ACOG optics Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight with 4x magnification level. Attachable to any weapon with a standardized rail system. Factory default zeroed to 100m and manually adjustable to 700m.
BUIS A simple backup iron sights for the M4 carabine.
No pic
Crossbow Holosight Simple red dot holographic sight with zeroing suitable for crossbows.
FNP45 MRD Optical sight for FNP45.
Long range scope s
Long range scope Rifle scope with variable zoom. Factory default zeroed to 200m and manually adjustable to 800m.
M4 carryhandle
M4 carryhandle optics A basic ironsight carryhandle optics for the M4 carabine.
M68 compm2 opt
M68 CompM2 optics The CompM2 is a battery powered non-magnifying red dot type of reflex sight for firearms manufactured in the United States.
No pic
PSO1 Scope Marksman telescopic sight with fixed 4x magnification and adjustable bullet drop compensation in range from 100 to 1000m. Fits AK and SVD rifles.
Pu scope
PU scope 3.5x scope of Soviet manufacture from WW2 era.
T3n rds optics
RV1 RDS Optics Red Dot Sight, compatible with M4.

Compensators Edit

Image Name Description
M44 compensator
Mosin M44 compensator An attachment for the barrel of the russian Mosin Nagant rifle which reduces rifle rise, increasing accuracy. Two piece design clamps unit on both the front and rear for the front sight.
MP5 Compensator
MP5 Compensator An attachment for the barrel of the German MP5 submachinegun which reduces rifle, increasing accuracy.

Suppressors Edit

Image Name Description
Suppressor 45ACP s
Pistol Suppressor An attachment for the barrel of a firearm which reduces the amount of noise generated by firing the weapon. This variant is designed for 45ACP.
Suppressor NATO An attachment for the barrel of a firearm which reduces the amount of noise generated by firing the weapon. This variant is designed for the 5.56mm calibre.
No pic
Suppressor East An attachment for the barrel of a firearm which reduces the amount of noise generated by firing the weapon. This variant is designed for all firearms used by eastern military forces.

Wraps Edit

Image Name Description
No pic
Ghillie Gun Wrap 3D camouflage material designed to conceal shape of various firearms.


Backpacks are used to store multiple items that are not in use like weapons and consumables, but items must be moved into clothing or the hands before they can be used.

Image Name Description Capacity
Red briefcase
Child briefcase A cute small children's school backpack. Not very practical in terms of carrying space, but makes you the star of the class. 12 Slots (4x3)
M backpack
Mountain backpack Large mountaineering backpack made from hi-tech materials. Thanks to reflex pads, it is visible even in fog or dark. 35 Slots (5x7)
H backpack
Hunting backpack Standard Chernarusian hunting backpack with closable pockets. Very durable and comfortable if a little old-fashioned. 30 Slots (5x6)
Improvised backpack s
Improvised backpack A hand crafted improvised backpack made of wood sticks, rope and burlap. Not very fashionable, but very practical. 20 Slots (4x5)
Improvised courier bag s
Improvised courier bag A hand crafted improvised courier bag made of rope and burlap sack. 12 Slots (3x4)
Smersh Backpack s
Smersh backpack Part of smersh vest set. It's not the biggest backpack eve, but you can attach it to the vest and keep a place for an additional backpack. 8 Slots (4x2)
No pic
Leather sack A large bag made from tanned animal leather. 24 Slots (4x6)
T backpack
Taloon backpack Designed to be used all day, this lightweight backpack comes with a padded harness that is able to comfortably support any load. 20 Slots (4x5)


Clothing is apparel that is worn to change appearance, visibility or to provide protection from the elements, or projectiles and attacks.


Image Name Description
Bandana Cap A hat styled to look like a bandana. Easy fix for higher badass index.
Headtorch s
Headtorch A convenient battery powered LED lamp that affixes to the head utilizing two adjustable straps to secure it in place. This version comes with a [color] strap.
Ballistic helmet s
Ballistic helmet A combat helmet design specifically to protect the head during combat situations. Made from Amarid with an excellent shock absorption system and quick-release catch.
Motorbike helmet
Motobike helmet A protective helmet worn by motorcycle riders consisting of a hard out shell of fiberglass reinforced with Kevlar and a thick inside cushion of fabric and foam.
Zsh-3 helmet
ZSh3 pilot helmet The ZSh-3 pilot helmet was first introduced in early 1960's and is used in virtually every type of Soviet-made aircraft - from the MiG-17 to the MiG-29, from the Il-76 cargo plane to the Mi-24 Attack Helicopter. This is the most widely used flight helmet in the world.
Baseball cap (black) S
Baseball cap [color] polyester baseball cap with a curved bill and rounded crown. It is effective at shielding the eyes from the sun or as a fashion accessory. One size fits all.
Beanie hat
Beanie hat Designed to provide warmth, this [colour] coloured, head-hugging piece of headgear is made from knitted wool or synthetic fibers. It is also known as a Knit Cap.
Radar cap S
Radar cap A worm [sic] hat that covers most of the head, including ears and forehead.
Ushanka (green) S
Ushanka A classic Russian hat made from black dyed animal or artificial fur with ear flaps to protect against the cold. It is also known as a trooper or trapper's hat.
Zimovka cap s
Zmijovka cap A traditional Chernarussian headwear suitable for chilly or windy weather. The name Zmijovka relates to the viper-like pattern, as 'zmije' means viper.
Black beret s
Red Star military beret A black beret, it has a Chernarussian Red Star cap badge on it. It doesen't offer much protection.
Flat cap s
Flat cap Never gets out of style.
Hard hat green worn s
Hard hat A type of helmet predominantly used in workplace enviroments, such as construction sites, to protect the head from injury by falling objects, impact with other objects, debris, bad weather and electric shock.
Cowboy hat dark brown s
Cowboy hat This cowboy hat provides you with extra Yeeehaw! Also protects your eyes from sunlight.
Boonie hat s
Boonie hat A wide-brim hat used by many military forces, features a series of fabric loops around the crown for additional vegetation as camouflage.


Image Name Description
Designer sunglasses s
Designer sunglasses Made of plastic with a fashionable wrap-around design, gray frames and broad temple arms, this form of protective eyewear will protect the eyes from the sun.
JoeyX sunglasses Made of plastic with a fashionable wrap-around design, gray frames and broad temple arms, this form of protective eyewear will protect the eyes from the sun.
Thin frame glasses
Thin Frame Glasses Made from plastic with a stylish slim design. Not really protecting or helping you in any way, they are mainly to make one look good.
Thick frame glasses
Thick Frame Glasses Made from plastic with a hip retro design. Not really protecting or helping you in any way, they are mainly to make one look good.
Rocket aviators s
Rocket aviators With oversized teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame, this form of protective eyewear, popularized in the late 1960's, will protect the eyes from the sun.


Image Name Description
Working gloves
Working gloves Working gloves able to withstand rough handling.


Image Name Description
Blackskull Balaclava s
Balaclava Balaclava is also known as a ski mask, is a form of cloth headgear designed to expose only part of the face.
Gas mask s
Gas mask A mask with a filter designed to filter out irritating and otherwise fatal inhaled substances. A full face mask designed to protect the user from airborne pollutants. It is constructed from elastic polymer with adjustable straps connected to a filter cartridge.
Respirator s
Respirator A respirator is a device designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors, or gases.
Dallas mask
Dallas mask A carnival mask popular among the children of Chernarus. Most commonly worn during the end of harvest festivities.
Hoxton mask s
Hoxton mask A carnival mask popular among the children of Chernarus. Most commonly worn during the end of harvest festivities.
Wolf mask s
Wolf mask A carnival mask popular among the children of Chernarus. Most commonly worn during the end of harvest festivities.


Image Name Description
Canvas pants red s
Canvas pants Cheap, slightly unfashionable but extremely comfortable pants.
Canvas pants short s
Canvas pants short Cheap, slightly unfashionable but very comfortable short pants.
Cargo pants s
Cargo pants [color] coloured, loosely cut pants suitable for tough work in the outdoors. Distinguishable by a multitude of pockets on each leg and includes a black nylon belt.
Hunter pants
Hunter pants Durable pants with big pockets, designed for prolonged periods of time spent outdoors. The camouflage pattern makes for ideal hunting outfit.
Jeans Denim trousers, also known as jeans, are a type of casual clothing made popular in the 1950s. Able to withstand rough handling, these black dyed jeans are DayZ certified.
TTsKO pants s
TTsKO pants Tricolour camouflage created for the Soviet military, features several deep cargo pockets.


Image Name Description
Athletic shoes s
Athletic shoes An all-terrain shoe with a durable rubber outsole and a lightweight synthetic fabric/mesh upper. Designed to protect the feet during every day activities.
Combat boots (brown) s
Combat boots A leather and canvas boot, similar to a military boot, that provides ankle stability and protects the feet while on rough terrain.
Hiking boots s
Hiking boots A highly durable leather lined, water resistant boot specifically constructed to protect the feet and ankles from damage or stain during all types of outdoor activities.
Jogging shoes s
Jogging shoes Shoes designed for casual running with a durable rubber outsole and a lightweight synthetic fabric/mesh upper.
Green jungle boots s
Jungle boots A type of combat boots designed for use in jungle warfare or in hot, wet and humid environments. They have vent holes in the instep and a canvas upper to aid in ventilation and drainage of moisture.
Leather shoes s
Leather shoes Fancy leather shoes suited for office work or social events. The leather sole provides good slide for dancing.
Low hiking boots s
Low hiking boots A versatile boot featuring a toe guard, a hard-wearing rubber outsole and a lightweight upper making it the middle ground between a hiking boot and an athletic shoe.
Military boots s
Military boots Designed to be worn by soldiers during combat. They provide a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection suitable to a rugged environment.
Wellies (green) s
Wellies A large and hard-wearing boot made from rubber that reaches just below knee-high designed predominantly to protect the feet during wet weather conditions.
Working boots s
Working boots A durable leather boot, largely worn by industrial workers, that consists of a padded collar, a heavy-dity rubber outsole and a protective steel reinforcement in the toe.


Image Name Description
Down jacket s
Down jacket A quilted jacket filled with down feathers that can be worn over existing clothing. It is too bulky to allow the wearer to have a vest on at the same time.
Blue Check Shirt s
Shirt A common long sleeved, button up, cloth garment for the upper body made from a polyester and cotton blend.
T-shirt s
T-Shirt Specifically crafted from 100% pure cotton fibers, this red and black striped T-shirt with short sleeves has a round neck line and a regular fit. Made in China.
Blue red hoodie s
Hoodie Making use of an adjustable drawstring hood, vertical zipper, and large pocket located in the front, this hooded sweatshirt provides ideal protection from the elements.
Tactical shirt s
Tactical shirt A lightweight jacket used by the military that is wind proof and water resistant. Features two large front pockets, two upper arm pockets and closable Velcro cuffs.
Raincoat s
Raincoat A simple bright yellow jacket constructed from a breathable, water resistant fabrics. Includes a hood and extended collar to protect the head and upper body from rain.
Wool coat s
Wool coat Keeps you looking classy while staying warm.
Riders jacket s
Riders jacket Classic motorcycle ultra-rugged leather jacket, durable and protective.
Ttsko s
TTsKO jacket Three colour camouflage Soviet military field jacket, designed for quick and easy access to large cargo pockets.


Image Name Description
Anti stab vest s
Anti-stab vest A standard vest worn by Police that consists of several layers of woven para-aramid fibers which are capable of reducing the impact of knife attacks.
Ballistic vest s
Ballistic vest A lightweight, hard-plate reinforced vest offering full torso protection that is able to absorb impact from both small calibre projectiles, fragments and knife attacks.
Press vest s
Press vest Designed to provide media representatives with distinctive and comprehensive protection. Ideal for extended use in higher risk environments. Utility and mobile phone pockets included.
Tactical vest s
Tactical vest Constructed using heavy-duty fabrics, this tactical vest can be adjusted at the waist and consists of a number of pouches designed to hold everything a soldier requires.
Uk assault vest
UK assault vest Constructed using heavy-duty fabrics, this fully adjustable tactical vest consists of a number of pouches designed to hold everything a soldier needs to survive for days.
High Capacity Vest small
High Capacity Vest Constructed using heavy-duty fabrics, this vest consists of a number of pouches designed to hold everything a soldier needs to survive for days.
Chest holster
Chest holster A leather pistol holster that is worn around the shoulders, placing the pistol on the chest.


Tools are used to aid the player in some way, including navigating or surviving. Some can also serve as weapons.

Image Name Description
Crowbar s
Crowbar Standard curved crowbar designed for optimal leverage. Read instructions before use. May cause injuries if handled improperly.
Duct tape s
Duct tape An adhesive tape created with cloth or a loosely woven material and laminated using polyethylene mixed with powdered aluminum. If it moves and should't, [sic] use Duct Tape.
F axe
Firefighter axe It has a pick-shaped pointed poll (area of the head opposite the cutting edge). It is decorated in vivid colors to make it easily visible during an emergency. Its primary use is for breaking down doors and windows.
Fire extinguisher The instructions read: 1. Hold upright. Pull ring pin. 2. Start [sic] back 10 feet. Aim at base of fire. 3. Squeeze lever. 4. Sweep side to side. Dry chemical powder type.
Hammer s
Hammer N/a
Handcuffs s
Handcuffs Restrain an indivduals wrists, restricting their ability to use objects, with this metal device. A key is required to unlock these chain-linked, lever locked handcuffs.
Handcuff keys
Handcuff keys A pair of universal, metal keys that can be used to unlock any set of handcuffs. Cannot unlock non-standard handcuffs such as maximum security handcuffs.
Map s
Map of SW Chernarus Tourist map of the NE [sic] region of Chernarus. Shows all the roads, buildings, points of interest and terrain.
Matchbox s
Matchbox A box of large kitchen matches. Contains 250 matches. Store in dry place and keep away from children.
Pen A typical ballpoint writing instrument containing some ink. Judging by the indistinct scratched-off logo, it is obviously a promotional item.
Pliers s
Pliers Helpful for holding small objects securely in place when sufficient force is applied to the handles. Warning: moving parts may cause harm, use with caution.
Shovel s
Shovel A common hand tool used to move bulk materials such as dirt. It is comprised of a broad blade connected to a wooden shaft with a handle to provide extra grip.
S axe
Splitting axe N/a
Screwdriver s
Screwdriver Cylindrical in shape with a metal shaft protruding from a plastic handle, this hand tool applies torque to an adjoining screw when the handle is rotated. Can be used to open canned food.
Wrench s
Wrench N/a
Rope s
Rope Strong rope used for fasten [sic] things together, construction, draging [sic] or hanging.
Hacksaw s
Hacksaw N/a
Weapon cleaning kit s
Weapon cleaning kit A complete and universal gun-care system housed in attractive wooden storage box.
Weapon cleaning kit s
Fishing Hook A sharp and curved device for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth, or more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish.


Image Name Description
G stove
Portable gas stove A specially designed cooking stove that is portable and lightweight for use in camping, picnicking, backpacking, or in remote locations where an easily transportable means of cooking or heating is needed.
Cooking pot s
Cooking pot A large metal vessel designed to contain food throughout the cooking process.
Frying pan s
Frying pan N/a
Kitchen knife s
Kitchen knife A sharp kitchen knife with slightly worn out blade and a sturdy handle.
No pic
Cooking clock N/a
Can opener s
Can opener Made from cast iron, consisting of a sharp sickle at one end and a handle at the other, this common household instrument is used to pry open metal/tin cans.


Image Name Description
Compass s
Compass A magnetic compass that contains a magnet which interacts with the earth's magnetic field and aligns itself to point to the magnetic poles.
Rangefinder s
Rangefinder A laser based rangefinder, it uses a laser beam to determine the distanece to an object. It operates on the time of flight principle by sending a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the object and measuring the time taken by the pulse to be reflected off the target and returned to the sender.
Walkie-talkie Short range 2-way radio with a frequency switch. Requires a 9V battery to operate.
Alkaline battery 9V BebilCell alkaline 9V battery. Both electric contracts on one side of the battery, the positive one being the smaller one. Licking both contracts can tell you if it still carries a charge and possibly gives you a slight energy boost.


Image Name Description
Blood testing kit s
Blood testing kit Single-use blood type test kit contains everything needed to perform a complete blood test for ABO and Rh. It´s a quick way to identify your blood type.
Defibrillator s
Defibrillator Electrical defibrillator manufactured by the AccuMed Corporation. Read instructions carefully! If needed, shave the chest of the patient before use.
Wooden splint s
Wooden splint Primitive splint. It gets the job done, but your broken limb will never feel the same.
Syringe s
Syringe Fitted with a hypodermic needle, this is commonly used with [sic] to inject substances into the body or extract fluids from it. This syringe does not appear to contain anything.
First aid kit
First aid kit A collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid, purchased complete. Looks like the kind of kit people usually have in their homes. Can only contain Medical items.
Heatpack s
Heatpack Keeps you warm.


Image Name Description
Headtorch s
Headtorch N/a
Flashlight s
Flashlight N/a
G lamp
Portable gas lamp A portable source of artificial light that requires compressed gas as a fuel.


What does not apply to the above is listed here.

Image Name Description
300 round box
300 round box A large metal storage box presumably for holding ammunition. The box has 'Contains 300 x 5.56mm cartridges' written on it's [sic] side in yellow paint. Can only contain Ammunition
Stone s
Stone Smooth fragment of rock, commonly used for constructing a fireplace or throwing into a window.
Paper s
Paper Compressed, fibrous, organic matter that has been bleached and manufactured into thin sheets suitable to be used with a writing instrument such as a Pen.
Gas canister b
Large gas canister A large Butane canister. Do not puncture. Do not throw in fire. Do not operate near open flame.
Gas canister m
Medium gas canister A medium Butane canister. Do not puncture. Do not throw in fire. Do not operate near open flame.
Gas canister s
Small gas canister A small Butane canister. Do not puncture. Do not throw in fire. Do not operate near open flame.
Burlab sack
Burlap sack Burlap sack is ideal for shipping and storing seeds, potatoes etc. It has drawstring closure at the top of the bag.
Protectors case s
Protector case A molded plastic container that seals with an airtight and watertight gasket. Meets standards for waterproofing, stacking, impact, and durability to military standards.
Wooden stick s
Wooden stick Elongated straight piece of tree branches ideal for some kind of construction or to feeding [sic] fireplace.
Spraycan A semi-gloss aerosol paint spraycan. Contents under pressure!
Firewood s
Firewood N/a

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