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The barracks at the north-west airfield.
Loot type: Military

Barracks are military housing quarters that spawn military gear as well as other types of loot in DayZ.

Barracks are long single story concrete structures with a low angle, almost flat roof. Barracks have windows the length of both long sides with a door at one end. There are five rooms with bunk beds and lockers, and one shower room. Loot can spawn anywhere in the building; on the floor, under the beds, on the beds, etc.

Players should be very thorough when checking barracks as loot can be hidden from sight easily under the beds and may not appear on the vicinity section of the inventory. Be sure to go prone in first-person to check for loot.

Barracks are located in military outposts and around airfields. They spawn rare and useful military gear and weapons. These buildings are very high traffic areas with only one entrance/exit. A player should take extreme caution when approaching and looting these buildings. It would be wise to check inside the barracks by looking in through the windows.

Barracks known locations

The following are the known locations and number of barracks:[1]

Barracks may spawn

The following loot may spawn in barracks:[1]

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