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Blaze 95 Double Rifle
Blaze 95 Double Rifle
The Blaze 95 Double Rifle found in DayZ.
Category WeaponsRifles
Required slots 21 (7 x 3)
Cartridge 7.62mm Rounds
Packet 7.62×51mm 20 rounds
Magazine(s) Snaploader
Bleed chance 200%
Blood damage -500
Effective range 300m
Fire mode(s) Single
Health damage -200
Shock (Head) 20000
Shock 500
Wraps {{{wraps}}}
Location(s) Residential, Farm, Industrial
Rarity Rare
Class name(s) b95
Absorbency 10%
Fragility Unknown
Dexterity 2.65
Dispersion Single 0.0010
Double barrelled hunting rifle chambered for 7.62x51mm. It is equipped with a single lock action. The rifle is uncocked after every shot. The notches that hold the mounting base are positioned directly above the chambers. The barrels float freely while the point of impact remains constant.

The Blaze 95 Double Rifle, shortened to B95, is a type of semi-automatic Rifle found in DayZ.


The Blaze 95 Double Rifle holds two 7.62×51mm cartridges. The snaploader can be used to quickly load the rifle. The B95 rifle deals 500 blood damage and 200 health damage.[1] The B95 can be found in residential loot spawns. The rifle can be zeroed for fifty, 100, 200 and 300 meters. It can be spray painted Green Or Black but not both. By pressing the 'T' key the B95 will be switched to double-barreled mode enabling both barrels to be fired from at the same time.

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