This article contains information on an item that is poisonous!
Be aware that consuming this item can make a player's character sick and even cause death.
Blue-coloured berries
Blue-coloured berries
The Blue-coloured berries found in DayZ.
Category FoodBerries
Required slots 1 (1 x 1)
Energy 70 kcal
Volume 40 ml
Water 4 ml
Location(s) Sambucus Bushes
Variant(s) Red-coloured berries
Absorbency 40%
Class name(s) berry_sambucus
Melee range 0.8m
Swing time 0.5 secs
Uses 1 (100%)
Blue-coloured berries
Some kind of berries. Small and blue, but it's impossible to tell whether they are edible or not. Do you still remember your boyscout days?
— In-game Description


Blue-coloured berries are a type of Berries found in Sambucus Bushes around Chernarus+ in DayZ. Consuming these berries will cause food poisoning. These berries are blue and resemble a blueberry. Sambucus berries are the only poisonous berries that can be foraged. They can be held in the players hands or put into a players inventory taking up a 1 x 1 slot. They are only found at Sambucus Bushes and are somewhat hard to find. Blue-coloured berries hava a moderate absorbency of 40%.

Game History

  • The January 0.32.114557 update added the ability for players to collect berries as food.
  • The February 0.33.114926 update added more nutrition to berries.
  • The February experimental 0.36.115535 update added the ability for berries to be added to the player's inventory when searching for them. The update also added the Sambucus and Canina berries.


  • In real life, Sambucus berries are only poisonous if consumed uncooked, but ripe cooked berries are edible.

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  • Statistics obtained from DayZDB.
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