Blue Press Vest
The Press Vest found in DayZ.
The Press Vest found in DayZ.
Category ClothingVests
Required slots 6 (2 x 3)
Item capacity 6 (3 x 2)
Stack size {{{stack size}}}
Allowed contents {{{allow content}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Armor (bleed) 90%
Armor (ballistic) 2
Insulation 3
Location(s) Military
Rarity Rare
Variant(s) • Dark blue
• Light blue
Class name • pressvest_blue
• pressvest_lightblue
Designed to provide media representatives with distinctive and comprehensive protection. Ideal for extended use in higher risk environments. Utility and mobile phone pockets included.
— In-game description.

The Blue Press Vest is a type of vest found in DayZ.

The Press Vest does provide moderate bleeding protection, along with some ballistic protection. Do not expect to survive a 7.62 point-blank, though.


The press vest comes in two colors:

  • Light blue
  • Dark blue

Image gallery

199px An press vest in damaged condition.

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