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Can opener
Can opener
A can opener found in DayZ.
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • Opens canned food
Location(s): • Residential • Supermarkets
Rarity: UncommonCommon
Made from cast iron, consisting of a sharp sickle at one end and a handle at the other, this common household instrument is used to pry open metal/tin cans.
— In-game description

A can opener is a device used to open canned food without a pull tab in DayZ.

A can opener occupies one inventory slot and can be commonly found in supermarkets. It can also be found less commonly in residential loot spawns.

A can opener is used by dragging it over a closed can to open it so the contents inside can be consumed without any spilling. Canned food with a pull tab, like canned tuna, does not require a device to open it.

Canned food can also be opened by using a sharp instrument like a knife or bayonet, however this causes the instrument to slowly become blunt and some of the can's contents to spill.

Image gallery

Can opener An gas can opener in pristine condition.

Can opener badly damaged A can opener in badly damaged condition.

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