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Chernogorsk city centre
Number of churches: 2
Hospitals: 2
Water pumps: 3
Supermarkets: 1

Chernogorsk (Cyrillic: Черногорск), or Cherno for short, is a large coastal city located to the south between Balota and Elektrozavodsk in Chernarus+.

Chernogorsk has two hospitals, three water pumps and one supermarket. There is a large suburb to the east before Balota that has several more supermarkets and water pumps.

The city's large size and abundance of loot makes it an ideal spot for many players to loot. It is inhabited by many zombies.

The city is a dangerous place for players, particularly new players, to visit as bandits like to hide in and around the city to ambush players.

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  • The name Chernogorsk derives from "Black Mountain" in Russian.

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