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Combat Boots
The Combat Boots found in DayZ.
The Combat Boots found in DayZ.
Category ClothingFootwear
Required slots 4 (2 × 2)[1]
Stack size {{{stack size}}}
Allowed contents {{{allow content}}}
Durability 0.5[1]
Absorbency 10%[1]
Weight {{{weight}}}
Insulation {{{insulation}}}
Location(s) Military[2]
Rarity Uncommon
Variant(s) Beige, black, brown, green, grey[3]
Class name combatboots_beige[1]
A leather and canvas boot, similar to a military boot, that provides ankle stability and protects the feet while on rough terrain.

Combat Boots are a type of boots found in DayZ.


A pair of Combat Boots will occupy four inventory slots in a square. Combat Boots are fairly durable and only sightly absorbent to the same amount as jungle boots and military boots.[1] Boots provide protection to the wearer's feet.

Combat Boots can be uncommonly found in military type loot spawns like control towers, command centers and barracks.[2]

Combat Boots, along with jungle boots and military boots, are statistically the best footwear available.


Combat boots come in five different colors:[3]

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey

Image gallery

199px A pair of beige combat boots.

199px A pair of badly damaged beige combat boots.

199px A pair of black combat boots.

199px A pair of brown combat boots.

199px A pair of damaged brown combat boots.

199px A pair of green combat boots.

199px A pair of grey combat boots.

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