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This page documents the controls available while playing Dayz and their default settings. You can re-map these controls to other keys to suit your preferences.

Defaults Key bindings

Key binding Command
Move your character
z Toggle between prone and stand
x Toggle between crouch and stand
c Stand
Lean left
Lean right
Camera, weapons and interaction
Toggle between first and third person perspective/character view
Communication and gestures
/ Open text chat channel
Caps Lock Hold to talk in voice chat. Double tap to lock voice chat on/off
F1 Salute (Wave)
F2 Surrender (Put your hands up)
F3 Sit down
F4 Taunt (Flip off)
F5 Clap
F6 Point
F7 Thumbs up
F8 Facepalm
F9 Taunt (Cut throat)
F10 Shhhh!

Changing Default settings

See Also

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