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Cooking pot
Cooking pot
A cooking pot found in DayZ.
Required slots: 4 (2 × 2)
Purpose: • Container for cooking food
Location(s): • Residential
Rarity: Common
A large metal vessel designed to contain food throughout the cooking process.
— In-game description

The cooking pot is a type of cooking tool found in DayZ.

It occupies four inventory slots, two across and two down. It is quite common in residential loot spawns, often being found on top of stoves or tables.

Like all items, the cooking pot receives damage if the clothing it is in is hit by bullets.

Cooking food is as of update 0.30.114008 not implemented in DayZ alpha. The cooking pot will later be used to cook food like rice and to boil water. It is now implemented and can cook flesh and other meats.

In the future the pot will probably be combined with a portable gas stove to be heated. Other foods will probably then be able to be combined with this to cook them.

When it's heated it turns red. There for it stays hot until it cool downs. If you were to put it in your inventory while its hot (red) it will give you constant heat (warning: possible overheating if wearing for prolonged time) In other words it works also as a Heat pack.

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Cooking pot A cooking pot in pristine or worn condition.

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