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Crossbow Bolt
Crossbow Bolt
The Crossbow Bolt found in DayZ.
Category AmmunitionBow Ammunition
Required slots 1 (1 × 1)
Weapon(s) Crossbow
Location(s) Residential
Rarity Uncommon
Class name(s) arrows_bolts
Absorbency 0%
Stack size 5
Short type of arrow designed for crossbow.

Ammunition in DayZ
Assault rifle 5.56mm Rounds (5.56mm 20 Rounds) • 5.45mm Rounds (5.45mm 20 Rounds)
Bow Composite ArrowCrossbow BoltImprovised ArrowBone Arrow
Handgun .22 Rounds (.22 50 Rounds) • .357 Rounds (.357 20 Rounds) • .380 Auto Rounds (.380 Auto 35 Rounds) • .45ACP Rounds (.45ACP 25 Rounds) • 9mm Rounds (9mm 25 Rounds)
Rifle 7.62x54mmR Rounds (7.62×54mmR 20 Rounds) • 7.62x39mm Rounds (7.62x39mm 20 Rounds) • .22 Rounds (.22 50 Rounds) • .357 Rounds (.357 20 Rounds) • .308 Winchester Rounds (.308 Winchester 20 Rounds)
Shotgun 12 Gauge Slug12 Gauge Buckshot (00 Bucks 10 Rounds)
Submachine guns .380 Auto Rounds (.380 Auto 35 Rounds) • 9mm Rounds (9mm 25 Rounds)
Parentheses () denote ammunition packets
Up-to-date as of update 0.55.127157

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