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Elektrozavodsk viewed from the hills
Number of churches: 1
Hospitals: 1
Water pumps: 2
Supermarkets: 1
Military tents: ?
Barracks: ?
Control towers: ?
Hangars: ?
Warehouses: ?

Elektrozavodsk (Cyrillic: Электрозаводск), or Elektro for short, is a large coastal city located to the south-east between Chernogorsk and Kamyshovo.

Elektro is very similar to Chernogorsk in layout, though most of the city is beyond the docks. There are two fire stations in the northern region of the city. Although there is only one hospital, there are other buildings in which first aid kits can be found.

Elektro is notoriously dangerous for new players, even more so than Chernogorsk. In version 0.30.113953 the player spawn points were moved to the east to make access to the western military zones harder, making Elektro the first major city many reach.

The fire stations spawn military loot so these are a good spot to pick up a strong weapon early on in the game.

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