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Fire station
Fire station
A fire station in Elektrozavodsk.
Loot type: Military

A fire station is a large structure that spawns military items, as well as other types of loot in DayZ.

Fire stations are large two story structures with a four story tower that are located in most large cities as well as the North-west airfield. These structures are easily identified by their four story tower with large glass windows and three very large red garage doors. There is a standard sized door and a ladder on the other sides of the fire station which can be used as a quick escape routes or sneaky entrances.

Fire stations spawn common military gear and weapons. These buildings are more frequented by player than other military buildings. The player should take caution when approaching and looting these buildings as snipers like to nest in and on the tower. For the safety of going into such a high traffic area it is suggested not to go on top of the towers for the fact that snipers tend to set up camp in positions not visible in the tower. It is recommend that when going to fire stations to close the garage doors after entering the building as fire stations are a major part of supply routes.

Known locations

The following are known locations and number of fire stations:[1]

Known spawns

The following loot may spawn in fire stations:[1]


There is always loot on top of the building. All though because of snipers it is recommened to tread carefully.

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  • It is possible to access the tower's external ladder from inside the tower itself. This exploit can be very useful in evading a threat downstairs. It is a known bug in Arma 2 which seems to have been carried over to the standalone.

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