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Improvised Backpack
Improvised backpack
An Improvised Backpack in DayZ.
Category EquipmentBackpack
Required slots 25 (5x5)
Item capacity 20 (4x5)
Insulation 0.02
Location(s) Crafted
Rarity N/A
Variant(s) Burlap, Leather
Class name(s) bagimprovised
Absorbency 60%
Weight 2kg
A hand crafted improvised backpack made of wood sticks, rope and burlap. Not very fashionable, but very practical.
— In-game description

The Improvised Backpack is a type of backpack that can be crafted in DayZ.


The improvised backpack, like any other backpack, is used to add external storage for a player's excess gear. The difference is that this backpack can be crafted from raw materials found in the world. This backpack is crafted by combining Improvised Courier Bag and three Wooden Sticks. After crafting this backpack it can be later broken down to Burlap Sack, Rope (If it doesn't brake) and Wooden Stick if player so wants to. It can be created in two different forms Leather Improvised Backpack is the bigger of the two.


Image gallery

Improvised backpack An improvised backpack in pristine condition.

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