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Krasnostav airstrip
The airstrip and Krasnostav as seen in Arma 2.
Number of churches: 0
Hospitals: 0
Water pumps: 1
Supermarkets: 0
Military tents: 0
Barracks: 0
Control towers: 1
Hangars: 0
Warehouses: 1

The Krasnostav Airstrip, or NEAS (north-east airstrip) is the smaller of the three airstrips in Chernarus+, located north east of its town Krasnostav in the north-east corner of the map.

The NEAS has recently been changed to a civilian airport, containing little military loot, although some millitary clothes and guns are still available around the crashed vehicles.

Just south of the runway is a warehouse, medical building and a water pump.

Normally there is less traffic at this airstrip, but Olsha hill to the east-north-east offers a great vantage point for snipers.

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