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The LongHorn Pistol inspected in patch .45
Category WeaponsHandguns
Required slots 4 (2 × 2)
Cartridge 7.62×51mm
Magazine(s) Internal (1 Round)
Bleed chance {{{bleed chance}}}
Blood damage {{{blood damage}}}
Effective range Unknown
Fire mode(s) Break-action
Health damage {{{health damage}}}
Shock (Head) {{{shock (Head)}}}
Shock Unknown
Bayonets {{{bayonets}}}
Bipods {{{bipods}}}
Buttstocks {{{buttstocks}}}
Handguards {{{handguards}}}
Illumination Unknown
Optics and sights embedded
Wraps {{{wraps}}}
Location(s) Military
Rarity rare
Class name(s) Unknown
Absorbency Unknown
Fragility Unknown
Dexterity Unknown
Dispersion Unknown
Break-action LongHorn pistol uses a trigger mechanism, designed to be and to make the break-action easy to open. It uses a large and strong frame and can be loaded with 7.62×51mm Rounds.
— In-game description

The LongHorn is a single-shot handgun chambered for 7.62×51mm cartidges. It is quite loud and only usable on short or medium distance (up to 200 meters) however it is a great handgun to carry in hand whilst approaching any new area. The bullet fired, although there is only one in the chamber, is very effective in the sense of stopping the enemy (being it player or zombie) and player movement speed seems almost unaffected since it is a handgun (as opposed to a rifle).

Note: The embedded scope can not be zeroed on any custom distance.


The LongHorn comes with an embedded scope and has a single chamber for one 7.62×51mm cartidge.

Game history

Introduced in experimental 0.45 update.

See also

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