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M4 buttstock CQB
M4 Buttstock CQB
A M4 buttstock CQB found in DayZ.
Required slots: 2 (2 × 1)
Compatible with: M4A1
Location(s): • Military
Rarity: Rare
Alternative version(s): M4 buttstock OE
M4 buttstock MP
A lighter M4 buttstock for more efficient CQB. Has slightly increased dispersion, but makes the weapon easier to handle.
— In-game description

The M4 buttstock CQB is a type of buttstock for the M4A1 assault rifle in DayZ.

The M4 buttstock CQB occupies two inventory slots, two across and one down. It can be rarely found in military loot spawns.

It is currently unknown how it affects the weapon it is attached to, but it can be assumed that its intended affect is to aid weapon controllability in close quarters battles (CQB).

Image gallery

M4 Buttstock CQB A pristine m4 buttstock cqb.

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