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M68 CompM2 optics
M68 CompM2 Optics
The M68 CompM2 optics found in DayZ.
Required slots: 2 (2 × 1)
Effect on weapon: • Adds red dot sight
Compatible with: M4A1
Location(s): • Military
Rarity: Rare
Alternative version(s): T3N RDS optics
The CompM2 is a battery powered non-magnifying red dot type of reflex sight for firearms manufactured in the United States.
— In-game description

The M68 CompM2 optics is a type of optics attachment for the M4A1 assault rifle in DayZ.

The M68 CompM2 optics occupies two inventory slots, two across and one down. It can be rarely found in military loot spawns like barracks.

The M68 CompM2 is powered by an internal battery and as such does not require the user to attach a battery to it. It can be attached to the M4A1 by first removing the M4 carryhandle optics and then attaching the optics to the weapon by dragging and dropping it over.

The optics appear to function identically to the T3N RDS optics, another type of red dot reflex sight.

Real life

The M68 CompM2 optics is likely based on the Aimpoint CompM2 - a battery powered non-magnifying red dot type of reflex sight for firmarms manufactured by Aimpoint AB.[1]

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M68 CompM2 Optics An m68 compm2 optics in pristine condition.

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