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Magnum .357
Magnum .357
Category WeaponsHandguns
Required slots 4 (2 × 2)
Cartridge .357 rounds
Packet .357_20_rounds
Magazine(s) Internal cylinder magazine
.357 speedloader
Bleed chance {{{bleed chance}}}
Blood damage {{{blood damage}}}
Effective range Unknown
Fire mode(s) Semi-automatic
Health damage {{{health damage}}}
Shock (Head) {{{shock (Head)}}}
Shock Unknown
Wraps {{{wraps}}}
Location(s) Military
Rarity Uncommon
Class name(s) Unknown
Absorbency Unknown
Fragility Unknown
Dexterity Unknown
Dispersion Unknown

The Magnum .357 is a type of handgun that is chambered for six .357 rounds in a magnum speedloader in DayZ.

The magnum deals more damage (but somehow much lower accuracy) than the FNX45, and can only contain six rounds compared to fifteen rounds in the FNX45. The magnum also produces a lot of noise when fired, which can attract zombies and players. The Magnum .357 can be quickly loaded using a magnum speedloader.

The Magnum can be uncommonly found in general military loot spawns like barracks, control towers and fire stations.[1]

Note that once any amount of ammo is loaded into a magnum, all of the ammo must be fired prior to being able to load any additional rounds.

Game history

The Magnum .357 was added in the 0.30.113860 update.[2] [3]

Its spawn issues were later fixed in the 0.30.113925 update.[4]

Real life

The real life counterpart to the magnum .357 is the Colt Python - a .357 Magnum caliber revolver manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company from 1955 to 1996.[5]

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Up-to-date as of update 0.57.128177


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