Military tent
Military tent
The Military tent found in DayZ.
Loot category Military
Loot spawns 2
Entrances 1 / 2
Floors 1

The Military tent is a small structure that spawns military items, as well as other types of loot in DayZ.

Item List

.45ACP 25 Rounds
.45ACP Rounds
5.56mm 20 Rounds
5.56mm Rounds
7.62x39mm 20 Rounds
7.62x39mm Rounds
9mm Rounds


Mosin M44 Compensator


Hunting Backpack
Smersh Backpack
SPOSN Tortilla Backpack


Attachable Pouches
Autumn Camouflage Gorka Military Pants
Autumn Hunter Pants
Beige Cargo Pants
Beige Working Gloves
Black Ballistic Helmet
Black Cargo Pants
Black Tactical Shirt
Black Working Gloves
Blue Cargo Pants
Brown Hunter Pants
Brown Working Gloves
Chernarussian Defence Forces Military Beret
Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star Military Beret
Chest Holster
Combat Boots (Beige)
Combat Boots (Black)
Combat Boots (Brown)
Combat Boots (Green)
Combat Boots (Grey)
Designer Sunglasses
DPM Boonie Hat
Dubok Boonie Hat
Flat Camouflage Gorka Military Pants
Flecktarn Boonie Hat
Glasses with thick frames
Glasses with thin frames
Gorka E Military Helmet
Gorka E Military Uniform Jacket - Autumn camo
Gorka E Military Uniform Jacket - PautRev camo
Gorka E Military Uniform Jacket - Summer camo
Green Ballistic Helmet
Green Cargo Pants
Green Gorka E Military Uniform Jacket
Grey Cargo Pants
Grey Tactical Shirt
Gun Holster
Jungle Boots (Beige)
Jungle Boots (Black)
Jungle Boots (Brown)
Jungle Boots (Green)
Jungle Boots (Olive)
Military Beret
Military Boots (Beige)
Military Boots (Black)
Military Boots (Bluerock)
Military Boots (Brown)
Military Boots (Redpunk)
New Zealand Military Beret
Olive Tactical Shirt
PautRev Camouflage Gorka Military Pants
Pilotka Cap
Plate Carrier
Rocket Aviators
Soviet Army Officer's Hat
Spring Hunter Pants
Summer Camouflage Gorka Military Pants
Summer Hunter Pants
Tan Tactical Shirt
TTsKO Jacket
TTsKO Pants
UK Assault Vest Black
UK Assault Vest DPM Camo
UK Assault Vest Khaki
UK Assault Vest Olive
UN Ballistic Helmet
UN Military Beret
Winter Hunter Pants
Yellow Working Gloves
ZSh3 Pilot Helmet


PET Bottle


Can of Tactical Bacon
Canned Baked Beans
Canned Peaches
Canned Sardines
Canned Spaghetti
Canned Tuna


Makarov magazine


Makarov IJ70

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