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Pistol flashlight
Pistol flashlight
The pistol flashlight found in DayZ.
Required slots: 1
Effect on weapon: • Adds powered
light source
Compatible with: FNX45, M1911 and CR75
Location(s): MilitaryIndustrial
Rarity: Rare
Not to be confused with weapon flashlight, an attachment for the M4A1 and the AKM.
A universal flashlight attachable to any pistol with an underside tactical rail mount.
— In-game description

The pistol flashlight is a type of light attachment for the FNX45, M1911 and CR75 handguns.


The pistol flashlight occupies one inventory slot. It is powered by an Alkaline battery 9V.

The pistol flashlight can be found at military, industrial and residential loot spawns.

This attachment allows for nocturnal fire fights, the downside of using this attachment at night is it makes the player a very conspicuous target for other players.

Real life

The engraving on the side of the pistol flashlight suggests it is modelled after the real life TLR-3 compact rail mounted tactical light manufactured by American company Streamlight.

Image gallery

Pistol flashlight An pistol flashlight in pristine condition.

199px An pistol flashlight in ruined condition.

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