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Suppressor 45ACP
Suppressor 45ACP
A suppressor 45ACP found in DayZ.
Required slots: 1 (1 × 1)[1]
Effect on weapon: «Should» suppress noise
and muzzle flash
Compatible with: FNX45[1]1911
Location(s): Military[2]
Rarity: Rare
An attachment for the barrel of a firearm which reduces the amount of noise generated by firing the weapon. This variant is designed for 45ACP.
— In-game description[1]

The suppressor 45ACP is a type of suppressor for the FNX45 handgun.


The intended function of the suppressor 45ACP is to reduce the sound and muzzle flash produced by the weapon it is attached to when firing. As of 0.35.115188 and prior updates, the suppressor does not function as intended and thus is only cosmetic.

It can be rarely found in military loot spawns like control towers and barracks.[2]

Attaches to

The supressor 45ACP can be attached to the:[1]

Image gallery

Suppressor 45ACP An suppressor 45acp in pristine condition.

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