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Category WeaponsMelee weapons
Required slots 5 (1 x 5)
Bleed chance 100%
Blood damage -25
Effective range 1.45m
Health damage -15
Shock (Head) Unknown
Shock 10
Wraps {{{wraps}}}
Location(s) Military
Rarity Uncommon
Class name(s) pitchfork
Absorbency 0%
Fragility Unknown
An agricultural tool with a long handle and long, thick, widely seperated pointed tines (also called prongs) used to lift and pitch (throw) loose material, such as hay, straw or leaves. Also capable of stabbing through soft enough objects.
— In-game description

The pitchfork is a type of melee weapon.


The pitchfork is a very powerful melee weapon that may be found in military type loot spawns like fire stations​; it is also known that they commonly spawn in cemeteries and barn-type structures.

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