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Portable gas lamp
Portable Gas Lamp
A portable gas lamp found in DayZ.
Required slots: 2 (2 × 1)
Purpose: • Emits light
Location(s): • Residential • Supermarkets
Rarity: Uncommon
A portable source of artificial light that requires compressed gas as a fuel.
— In-game description

The portable gas lamp is a type of light source found in DayZ.

The portable gas lamp occupies two inventory slots, one across and two down. It can be uncommonly found in residential loot spawns and supermarkets.

Like all items, the lamp can be damaged if the clothing it is carried in is hit by projectiles like bullets which can ruin it.

The lamp can be attached to any of the three gas canisters to fuel it. While turned on, the lamp consumes gas from the canister attached. The lamp can be placed in the hands or on the ground and turned on to provide a bright circular light source.

Image gallery

Portable Gas Lamp An portable gas lamp in pristine condition. Portable gas lamp worn An portable gas lamp in worn condition.

Portable gas lamp damaged An portable gas lamp in damaged condition.

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