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SKS Bayonet
SKS bayonet
The SKS Bayonet found in DayZ.
Category AttachmentsBayonets
Required slots 2 (1 × 2)
Attaches to SKS
Bleed chance 100%
Blood damage -20
Dispersion modification 0.0001
Health damage -20
Melee range {{{melee range}}}
Shock 10
Swing time {{{swing time}}}
Location(s) ResidentialMilitary
Rarity Uncommon
Class name(s) attachment_bayonet_sks
Absorbency 0%
A bayonet specifically made for SKS carbine

The SKS Bayonet is a type of bayonet for the SKS rifle in DayZ.


The SKS Bayonet occupies two inventory slots down. It has a melee range of 1.5m, deals 20 blood and 20 health damage. It has a 100% chance of causing bleeding.[1]

The bayonet can be found in military spawns like fire stations.

Bayonets can be used to open canned food spilling some of it whilst doing so.

Game history

The SKS Bayonet was introduced in the 29 January experimental 0.33.114782 update which later became the 5 February 0.33.114926 update.[2][3]


  • As of update 0.35.115188 and prior, bayonets cannot be used as weapons when attached to their respective weapon. This feature is yet to be implemented.

Image gallery

SKS bayonet A pristine SKS Bayonet.

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