SP-6 20 Rounds
SP-6 20 Rounds
The SP-6 20 Rounds found in DayZ.
Category AmmunitionSniper rifle
Required slots 1 (1 × 1)
Stack size 20
Contains SP-6 Rounds
Magazine(s) 10Rnd VSS Mag
20Rnd VSS Mag
Weapon(s) VSS Vintorez
Location(s) Military
Rarity Rare
Absorbency 0%
Class name(s) ammo_9x39_20rnd
SP-6 20 Rounds
For the individual rounds, see: SP-6 Rounds
20 boxed pieces of 9x39mm subsonic sniper rifle cartridge with hardened armor piercing core.
— In-game description.


SP-6 20 Rounds is a packet of Sniper rifle ammunition found in DayZ. It can be held in the players hands or in the players inventory taking up 1 slot. It is found at Military areas and is rare. The SP-6 20 Rounds is not absorbent.

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  • Weapon statistics obtained from DayZDB.


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