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Sawed-off izh43
Category WeaponsShotguns
Required slots • Main Weapon Slot
• Hands
Cartridge 12 gauge slug
12 gauge buckshot
Magazine(s) • Internal chamber
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Blood damage {{{blood damage}}}
Fire mode(s) Single
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Location(s) Not applicable
Rarity Not applicable

sawed-off izh43 shotgun is a shotgun-type weapon that can be crafted with a hacksaw in DayZ.

A sawed-off izh43 can be crafted by using a hacksaw on a izh43 shotgun to shorten the barrel. The newly created sawed-off izh43 is less cumbersome in close-quarters combat because of its shorter barrel.

The sawed-off izh43 is otherwise identical to the izh43. It uses the same 12 gauge slug and 12 gauge buckshot ammunition, and has a capacity of two cartridges.

Additionally, the weapon only occupies a 4 wide and 1 high piece of inventory space, allowing it to be the only primary weapon that can be carried elsewhere besides the player's weapon slot.

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