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Sewing kit
Sewing kit
A sewing kit found in DayZ.
Required slots: Unknown
Purpose: • Repairs clothing

to worn codition

Location(s): Unknown
Rarity: Unknown
A pocket-sized universal sewing kit comes handy for patching various clothes.
— In-game description

The sewing kit is a type of clothing repair tool found in DayZ.

The sewing kit can be used to repair clothes to a worn condition. Currently players can't repair ruined cloths

The sewing kit is able to stitch wounds to stop bleeding and is more space efficient then rags due to it having "durability" but every time you do this you run a 15-20% of getting infected wounds which consumes a lot of water and some blood and health in the process

Game history

The sewing kit, along with the ability to repair clothing, was added in the experimental 6 February 2014 0.34.XXXXX update.[1]

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  1. rocket, 2014, Pending Changelog: Experimental branch: 0.34.XXXXX, viewed 7 February 2014, <>.

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