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A view on Svetlojarsk.

Svetlojarsk (Cyrillic: Светлоярск) is a new city in Chernarus+ located to the north-east of Olsha at grid coordinates 139 020.[1]

Svetlojarsk is the northeasternmost, as well as one of the larger towns in Chernarus. Svetlojarsk has a great deal of different loot (weapons , clothes , supplies and equipment )

The police station located near the church is a great place to find all different kinds of loot, with weapons , clothes , supplies and equipment spawn in just that building.

And with Svetlojarsk located near the Krasnostav Airstrip (Ca. 1500m or 5-10 min walk in-game) it's a great place to go as a new spawn, or if you need to get geared up.

Number of churches: 1
Hospitals: 0
Water pumps: 2
Supermarkets: 0
Military tents: 0
Barracks: 0
Control towers: 0
Command centers: Police Station
Hangars: 0
Warehouses: 4+

Game history

Svetlojarsk was added in the 0.31.114500 update.[2]

Zombie spawns were added to the city in the 0.33.114926 update.[3]

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