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A blue t-shirt found in DayZ.
Required slots: • One clothing slot
2 (1 × 2)
Purpose: • Aesthetic
Location(s): • Residential
Rarity: Common
Specifically crafted from 100% pure cotton fibers, this red and black striped T-shirt with short sleeves has a round neck line and a regular fit. Made in China.
— In-game description[1]

The t-shirt is a type of topwear found in DayZ.Every Character spawns with one and its colour can be chosen in the menu screen.


The t-shirt occupies the shirt clothing slot or two inventory slots, two across and one down. The t-shirt can be damaged if hit by projectiles like bullets or Melee weapons like fireaxes. It can be commonly found in residential loot spawns.

The t-shirt is casual clothing that is neither conspicuous like the raincoat nor incognito like camouflaged clothing. Different colored t-shirts have a more or less effective camouflage effect than other colors.

The t-shirt may also be used to create rags for bandaging to stop bleeding. The t-shirt must be in an inventory slot or on the ground thus not worn on the character's body. Tear the shirt into rags by opening the inventory (Default: Tab), right-clicking on the shirt and selecting the "Tear into rags" option.

Game history

There is currently a bug in version 0.30.114008 of the game whereas a black character wearing a black shirt will have white arms while retaining a black face.


There are nine variants of the t-shirt:

  • Beige t-shirt
  • Black t-shirt
  • Blue t-shirt
  • Green t-shirt
  • Orange-White Stripes t-shirt
  • Red t-shirt
  • Red-Black Stripes t-shirt
  • White t-shirt
  • Grey t-shirt

Image gallery

199px A beige t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px A black t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px A black t-shirt in badly damaged condition.

199px A blue t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px An blue t-shirt in damaged condition.

199px A green t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px A orange white with stripes t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px A red t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px A red black with stripes t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px A white t-shirt in pristine condition.

199px A white t-shirt in ruined condition.

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