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Tactical shirt
A tan tactical shirt found in DayZ.
A tan tactical shirt found in DayZ.
Category Clothing > Topwear
Required slots 4 (2 × 2)[1]
Item capacity 4 (2 × 2)[1]
Stack size {{{stack size}}}
Allowed contents {{{allow content}}}
Absorbency 10%[1]
Weight {{{weight}}}
Armor (bleed) 25%[1]
Armor (shock) {{{armr shock}}}
Insulation {{{insulation}}}
Location(s) Military[2]
Rarity Uncommon
Variant(s) Grey, black, olive and tan[3]
Class name tacticalshirtgrey[1]
Rag quantity 4[1]
A lightweight jacket used by the military that is wind proof and water resistant. Features two large front pockets, two upper arm pockets and closable Velcro cuffs.
— In-game description[1]

The tactical shirt is a type of shirt found in DayZ.


The tactical shirt is a very desirable piece of apparel that offers four slots of storage space for items, a fair amount of armor protection to prevent bleeding if attacked and is only slightly absorbent. The shirt occupies four inventory when not worn and ripping it into rags gives four rags.[1]

As with all clothing, the tactical shirt and any items it is carrying may be damaged if hit by projectiles, like bullets. A damaged tactical shirt can be repaired using a sewing kit.

Tactical shirts can be uncommonly found at military type loot spawns like command centers, barracks, control towers, vehicle wrecks and military tents.[2]


The tactical shirt comes in four different colors:[3]

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Olive
  • Tan

Image gallery

199px A Grey tactical shirt in pristine condition.

199px An olive tactical shirt in worn condition.

199px A tan tactical shirt in pristine condition.

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