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UK assault vest
A DPM camo UK assault vest.
A DPM camo UK assault vest.
Category ClothingVests
Required slots 6 (2 × 3)[1]
Item capacity 8 (4 × 2)[1]
Stack size {{{stack size}}}
Allowed contents {{{allow content}}}
Absorbency 100%[1]
Weight {{{weight}}}
Insulation {{{insulation}}}
Location(s) Military[2]
Rarity Rare
Variant(s) Black, DPM camo, khaki, olive[3]
Class name ukassvest_[color][1]
Constructed using heavy-duty fabrics, this fully adjustable tactical vest consists of a number of pouches designed to hold everything a soldier needs to survive for days.
— In-game description[1]

The UK assault vest is a type of vest.


The UK assault vest occupies six inventory slots, two across and three down, and has eight slots of space, four across and two down.[1] A chest holster cannot be worn with the vest as they both occupy the vest clothing slot.

The UK assault vest may have ballistic protection properties and may protect the wearer from projectiles up to 7.62mm in diameter. (Unconfirmed)

The UK assault vest can be rarely found in military type loot spawns like control towers, command centers and fire stations.[2]


The UK assault vest comes in four colours:[3]

  • Black
  • DPM camo
  • Khaki
  • Olive

Image gallery

199pxA black UK assault vest in damaged condition.

199px A DMP camo UK assault vest in pristine condition.

199px A DMP camo UK assault vest in badly damanged condition.

199px An olive UK assault vest in pristine condition.

199px An olive UK assault vest in damaged condition.

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Up-to-date as of update v0.59.130861


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