V3S Chassis
V3S Chassis
The V3S Chassis found in DayZ.
Category Vehicles
Seat(s) 2
Capacity 0
Top speed 65
Tank capacity 120L
Location(s) Dolina
Stary Sobor
Rarity Rare
Variant(s) • Blue
• Green
• Orange
• White
Engine starting
Engine idling
Engine stopping
Entering noise

The V3S Chassis is a vehicle available in DayZ Standalone. It was the first functional vehicle to be implemented in the game. The vehicle was made persistent to all servers (meaning it will stay after restarts) in the 0.53 experimental update.

The V3S Chassis currently spawns in nine different towns, with full fuel (120L). Players can drive roughly around the map once before needing to refuel the V3S Chassis using a Gasoline Canister, PET Bottle, or Canteen.

According to the speedometer inside the vehicle, the V3S Chassis appears to have a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour on a flat surface. Different types of surfaces do not seem to affect the top speed of the V3S Chassis. It can be driven through bushes and the white reflectors that line the sides of some roads. However, driving uphill does reduce the speed drastically. Holding down (Default: Left Shift) or (Default: ) to accelerate the vehicle helps to overcome this.

Zombies cannot attack players while they are inside the V3S Chassis, and players using melee attacks cannot hurt a player as long as the doors are closed. Players using guns can, however, shoot the driver and passenger through the windows. Although players cannot shoot or otherwise attack while inside the V3S Chassis, it is possible to run over and kill both Zombies and other players, as long as the driver has achieved great enough speed first. Otherwise, players will simply be pushed along with the vehicle. Successfully running over a player will ruin their pants and shoes.

Players can enter and exit the V3S Chassis only when it has stopped. If a player ejects while the vehicle is moving, they will die. Players must instead wait to eject until they have the, 'Get out' option.

The V3S Chassis cannot be refueled directly from a Gas Station. It is possible, however, to transfer the fuel from the pump to the vehicle using a Gasoline Canister, PET Bottle, or Canteen.

In 0.52, the appearance of the V3S's interior was improved. The speedometer and gas meter in it are readable, meaning the driver of the vehicle can see how fast they are going, and how much fuel remains in the tank. One Gasoline Canister at 100% can fill 25% of the V3S Chassis' fuel tank. Shooting the fuel tank of the V3S Chassis does not cause it to explode. Players can, however, shoot out the tires of the V3S Chassis.

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