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Weapon cleaning kit
Weapon cleaning kit
A weapon cleaning kit found in DayZ.
Required slots: 2 (2 × 1)
Purpose: Weapon cleaning
Location(s): MilitaryBarracks
Fire stationsSupermarkets
Rarity: Common
A complete and universal gun-care system housed in attractive wooden storage box.
— In-game deacription.

The weapon cleaning kit is a type of cleaning tool.


The accuracy of a weapon can be increased after using the cleaning kit on it. 

The weapon cleaning kit will only repair the weapon up to the point of being "worn." Additionally, every time the player uses the weapon cleaning kit on a weapon, it will decrease in integrity status. Example: When the player uses the weapon cleaning kit to repair the SKS, the kit will go from "pristine" to "worn."

Game history

The weapon cleaning kit was added in the 22 January 0.32.114557 update.[1]

Image gallery

Weapon cleaning kit pristine An weapon cleaning kit in pristine condition. Weapon cleaning kit worn An weapon cleaning kit in worn condition.

Weapon cleaning kit damaged An weapon cleaning kit in damaged condition. Weapon cleaning kit badly damaged An weapon cleaning kit in badly damaged condition.

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