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A pair of green wellies found in DayZ.
Required slots: 6 (2 × 3)
Purpose: • Aesthetics
• Protects feet
Location(s): • Residential
Deer stands
Rarity: Uncommon
A large and hard-wearing boot made from rubber that reaches just below knee-high designed predominantly to protect the feet during wet weather conditions.
— In-game description[1]

Wellies are a type of footwear found in DayZ


A pair of wellies occupy six inventory slots, two across and three down. They do not absorb water and are as durable as combat boots.[1] Footwear provides protection to the wearer's feet.

Wellies can be uncommonly found in residential type loot spawns and deer stands.[2][3]


Wellies come in four different colors:[4]

  • Wellies (black)
  • Wellies (brown)
  • Wellies (green)
  • Wellies (grey)

Image gallery

199px An green wellies in pristine condition.

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