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Wooden stick
Wooden Stick
A bundle of sticks found in DayZ.
Required slots: 2 (1 × 2)[1]
Purpose: • Used to craft a
wooden splint,
improvised backpack[1]
or a Fireplace Kit
Location(s): ResidentialIndustrial
Rarity: Uncommon
Elongated straight piece of tree branches ideal for some kind of construction or to feeding [sic] fireplace.
— In-game description

The wooden stick is a miscellaneous equipment item that can be used for crafting items in DayZ.


The wooden stick occupies two inventory slots down.[1] It is a very uncommon item that can be found at residential, industrial and military loot spawns as well as supermarkets.[2] Alternatively, you can chop firewood with an axe and split into thirds for three sets of wooden sticks.


The wooden stick can be used, in conjunction with a ragbandage or duct tape  to craft a wooden splint. This can then be used as treatment for a broken leg as an alternative to the more effective, but seldom found morphine auto-injector.[1]

An improvised backpack can be crafted by combining wooden sticks to an already created improvised courier bag.[1]

Image gallery

Wooden Stick A wooden stick in pristine or worn condition.

Wooden Stick A wooden stick in damaged or badly damaged condition.

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